How long does coffee stay fresh for?

Fresh coffee is always the best - why we dispatch ours within 7 days of roasting.

Once you have received it, you’ll see the date it was roasted listed on the package. We recommend you enjoy it within 6 weeks of that date if it’s ground coffee, or 2 months for whole beans.

After that date, your coffee won’t 'go bad', but the flavour won’t be as delicious as it should be.

Does coffee actually contain chocolate, caramel, almond etc., called out in the tasting notes?

Tasting notes are used to categorise a coffee’s flavour profile. In other words, they’re a means of describing how the coffee tastes and smells – not ingredients. Tasting notes are influenced by things like origin, soil and the altitude at which the beans are grown, plus processing methods and more.

One thing to keep in mind is that tasting notes are a bit nuanced. Say one of the tasting notes is “lemon” – the coffee might not actually taste like lemon, but it may have a citrus acidity that’s reminiscent of lemon.

A good way to become more familiar with tasting notes is to check out the Specialty Coffee Association(SCA) flavour wheel.

How should I store my coffee?

The best way to store your coffee is in a cool, dark place, right inside your Legacy Coffees bag – they’ve been carefully designed to keep your coffee at its best.

Do you use recyclable or compostable packaging?

Yes! All our 250g and 1kg bags are 100% recyclable and produced in a CO2 neutral way.

What is a blend vs. single origin? 

 A blend is a coffee made up of beans from two or more origins. For example, The Enigna, our signature coffee blend, is made of beans from Brazil and Ethiopia. 

Blends allow roasters to combine beans with different flavour profiles to create something unique. It takes a mix of art and science to find the perfect balance and determine the right roast level to bring out the best of the blend, but it’s well worth the work.

A single origin is a coffee that comes from one specific origin or country. Typically, single origins have unique stand-alone aromas and flavours.

How long will my order take to arrive? 

As standard, all UK orders are sent by Royal Mail Tracked 48 which means that orders generally take 2 days to arrive from the point it’s despatched from our Roastery.

How much is shipping?

We provide free Royal Mail Tracked 48 delivery on all UK orders with a basket value of £15. Option to upgrade to Royal Mail Tracked 24.

Orders under £15 are charged £3.50 for Royal Mail Tracked 48 and £4.50 for Royal Mail Tracked 24.

Where is my tracking number?

You can find your tracking number in your shipping confirmation email. This will link you directly to the courier’s website where you can get an update on the status of your order.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately we do not offer internationally shipping at the moment.

I have received the wrong grind size

If you have received the wrong grind size, please contact us on info@legacycoffees.co.uk and we’ll resolve this issue for you.

There is an error with my order

If there is an error with your order, please contact us on info@legacycoffees.co.uk and we’ll resolve this issue for you.

Can I pause or cancel a subscription?

Yes, of course. You can pause or cancel a subscription any time you want in the customer portal.
The customer portal can be accessed through the magic link you received in the email that was sent to you when you placed an initial subscription order in the shop. You can also access your subscriptions if you create an account with us.

How can I skip or reschedule a charge in my subscription?

You can skip or reschedule the charge in the customer portal. Each scheduled delivery will have a Skip payment button next to it, which you can use to skip the charge. You can reschedule the charge by clicking on the Reschedule button next to the delivery date.

Can I add products to my subscription?

Of course. You can add products to your subscription in the customer portal. Just click on the Edit button in the products card and edit, remove or add products to your subscription.

How do gift cards digital gift cards work?

You’ll receive an email which includes a voucher of the balance you have purchased. You can either print this email or forward it directly onto the recipient.
The voucher will contain a code which users will be able to include at checkout to receive discount off their order.

Got any questions?

Please email our Customer Service team on info@legacycoffees.co.uk and we’ll be happy help