Wholesale Coffee

We are always excited to start a new journey with a new wholesale partner! If you are thinking to serve Legacy Coffees in your café, office, restaurant, bar, hotel or pop up event get in touch and find out about our wholesale options starting from 1kg, get our latest offering list, free samples and let's start to work together!

We also offer FREE hand delivery to our local customers (30 mile radius) using refillable, zero waste tubs. Each of our refillable tubs is designed to last 25 years before being recycled – saving 1,000 coffee bags from landfill per tub.


    At Legacy Coffees, blending is a creative activity to develop coffee with novel and complex flavours which are difficult to attain with a single origin coffee.

    We work with you to find the perfect coffee for you and your customers.


    We have partnered with industry leading companies and can supply you with the finest machinery available and with various funding methods. Among our valued partners are renowned brands like La Spaziale, Mahlkönig, PUQpress, UNIC, Anfim, Ditting, Hey Cafe, Fetco, Flow, Perfect Moose and many more.


    We don't just provide exceptional coffee - we also offer dedicated training and support to help our partners grow and succeed.

    Whether you have a question about our offerings or need help troubleshooting a machinery issue, we are here to help.


    Whether you are looking for a bespoke white label or private label coffee to brand and sell as your own, we've got a solution for you.

    By carefully selecting the right beans, and developing a tailored roast profile, we will supply a superior private label coffee that you’ll be proud to market under your own brand name.