La Spaziale coffee machines have been supplying top quality Italian coffee machines since 1969. Fuelled by innovation, La Spaziale have designed a number of world class coffee machines, renowned for their build quality and consistently excellent espresso.


The machines are available in 1 group, 2 group compact, 2 group, 3 group and 4 group configurations.

1 group and 2 group compact models are generally best for low volume sites, or if you are limited on space. They also run off a 13amp plug so are easier to install.

Full size 2 group machines are usually best for low to medium volume sites and are generally the most popular choice. 3 and 4 Group machines work well in busy environments where multiple baristas are using the machine at one time. These models require a 20amp single phase hard wired power supply. 16amp 3 phase is also available if required.


    As standard the machines are supplied in a stainless steel finish, however you can also order with panels in black, white, gold, wood and chrome colours, depending on the model. Additional costs and lead times apply.


    All models except the 1 groups are available in a tall group "TAKEAWAY" configuration. This is great for businesses who serve takeaway drinks, as the 16cm group clearance can accommodate most 12oz and 16oz cups. All group areas also feature a pull out espresso tray for smaller cup usage.