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Portable Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser - 350ml - Choose your colour

Portable Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser - 350ml - Choose your colour

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When it comes to taking your coffee’s flavour everywhere, size and weight are crucial. Designed in every detail to be the smallest, the lightest, and the most versatile coffee maker on the market. Besides, it features an efficient thermal insulation system that keeps your coffee hot for a much longer time.


The portable coffee maker offers you a world of possibilities for obtaining all your coffee can give you. Try different brewing times, vary temperatures and the amount of water, and explore the diversity of beans.
There are lots of flavours for you to discover with just a small coffee maker.


Allows you to brew the best coffee ever, without any electrical machines or the knowledge of a barista. You do yourself and become your own barista.


Take your portable coffee maker with you wherever you go. At home, at work, in your car: all places are perfect for brewing a delicious coffee.


Make your coffee or tea, add your milk, sugar or whatever flavour you choose. Prepare Lattes, Cappuccinos, Mochas, Spice Lattes or create your own recipes.

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